About CHS

Center for Human Services is a community-based nonprofit youth and family services agency that has been a resource to children, youth, adults and families since 1970.

Our History

Center for Human Services (CHS) is a not-for-profit social services agency that has served the community since 1970. CHS origins came from the founding of Creative Life Foundation in 1970 and Shoreline Youth Services in 1972. Our work counseling families and promoting drug and alcohol prevention began here, but, originally, we only served residents from the City of Shoreline. These two organizations merged in 1982 and the name “Center for Human Services” was taken. 

Original Shoreline Youth Services Location

Core Values and Philosophical Approaches

Our Core Values

Model Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

We respect and embrace the diversity of our community and are committed to being an inclusive organization that values social equity and where all people can feel respected, and valued.

Provide Accessibility

We provide services that are easy to find, use, and understand.

Champion Collaboration

We foster collaborative relationships that promote creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

Demand Accountability

We assess and coordinate our programs and systems to assure that we meet high standards of service and care.

Personify Integrity

We value the strengths and assets of our clients, community members, and co-workers and are honest, respectful, and ethical in our interactions.

Have Fun

We are passionate about the work we do and use humor to promote a positive work environment.



Philosophical Approaches

CHS believes that the most critical element for strengthening a community is to strengthen its members and their families through preventive and responsive programs that are culturally humble.  This is accomplished by taking a counseling approach that is strengths-based, family-focused, client-centered, trauma informed, culturally responsive and integrated with other services.

Staff Leadership Team

“Leadership is found at all levels of our agency.”

Beratta Gomillion

Executive Director

Beratta Gomillion
Executive Director

Cathy Assata
Substance Use Disorders Department Director

Tanya Laskelle
Family Support Department Director

Katrina Hanawalt
Community-Based Intensive Services Department Director

Paula Thomas
Behaviorial Health Integration Department Director

Vanessa Villavicencio
Mental Health Department Director

Arra Rael
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Manager

Mirsada Kulovac
Human Resources Manager

Max Sanchez
Finance Director

Staff Award Winners

Each year all staff are invited to nominate co-workers who exemplify our CHS values. Once nominations are received, the Board of Directors selects the winners.

The 2022 winners are:

  • Accessibility Award: Diane Mosely, BHI Department
  • Integrity Award: Brittany Robinson, CBIS Department
  • Accountability Award:  Josh Winship, SUD Department
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Award: Jamie Vo, MH Department
  • Collaboration Award: Sean Nagle-McNaughton, CBIS Department
  • Fun Award: Gerald Margil, MH Department

Board of Directors

CHS is a 501(c)3 agency, governed by a board of directors. The Board of Directors meet the last Tuesday of each month at the 148th location, unless otherwise noted.

Board of Directors with Executive Director at CHS 2023 Gala.

Front Row (left to right): Katerina Plushko, Wesley Madsen (President), Beratta Gomillion (Executive Director), Laurie Chapman (Vice President), Diana Cadena-Sanner, Ed Sterner (Treasurer)

Back Row (left to right): Ryan Madsen, Shawn Karmil (Secretary), Dave Calhoun

Not Pictured: Marisa Pierce and Adam Ortega

We are currently recruiting new Board Members. Join our CHS team!

Grace Cole Award

In 1983 the Center for Human Services established an award in honor of one of our founders and long-time board member, Grace Cole. In addition to her overwhelming support of CHS, Grace served her community as a school board member and as a member of the state House of Representatives. She championed education and family support issues, and led the way for those who would follow her. Selected by our Executive Director, the Grace Cole “Volunteer of the Year” award goes to a CHS board member who has followed Grace’s example of serving her community as a whole as well as making a difference for CHS.

Recipient of the 2024 CHS Grace Cole Award: Katerina Plushko

Past Recipients of the CHS Grace Cole Award

2024: Katerina Plushko

2023: Ed Sterner

2022: Wesley Madsen

2021: Ryan Madsen & Michael Karmil

2020: (No Annual Gala)

2019: Susan Ramstead

2018: Dave Calhoun
2017: Kim Karmil
2014: Rick Hanshaw
2013: Nick Anderson & Cheryl Middleton
2012: Howard Springer
2011: Lori Knuckey
2010: Joe Meneghini
2009: Olga Perelman
2008: Karen Fernandez
2007: Rachel Klausner
2006: Colleen Blake
2005: Linda Cufley
2004: Nick Pealy
2003: Steve Ohlenkamp
2002: Shaunta Hyde
2001: Jeannine Senechal
2000: Meredith Church
1999: Dee Ann Burman
1997: Van Campbell
1996: Kevin Grossman
1995: Edie Loyer Nelson
1994: Ruth Kagi
1993: Dave Spicer
1992: Daphne Schneider
1991: Alice Burgess
1990: Diane Nagel & Sharon Sakamoto
1989: Patrick Prichard
1988: Dale Galvin
1987: Bill Blanchard
1986: Roger Roffman
1985: Don Hess
1984: Betty Woods
1983: Grace Cole

Strategic Plan & Executive Summary

Strategic Plan

Through the work of Board Members and staff leadership, together with input from the community, the CHS mission and strategic process were strengthened.   The CHS team is confident this process and an updated strategic plan will carry CHS forward during this challenging economic environment.

Executive Summary

Each year our Executive Director presents an Executive Summary. The report summarizes the past calendar year. In this summary, we identify and analyze trends and look for opportunities for improvement.