Get Vaxxed!

In partnership with QFC Pharmacies, and with funding support from HealthierHere King County, our Family Support Department hosted two Pfizer vaccine clinics at our Shoreline office located at 170th and 15th Ave NE. After both events, nearly 75 doses of the COVID vaccine and 70 doses of the Flu (Influenza) vaccine were provided to the local community.

For the full news story and footage aired by King 5 on September 25th, visit:

While our organization is not typically in the business of vaccines, we are a place for the community to gather in a space that is accessible, welcoming and non-judgmental and therefore we felt a duty to support access to the vaccine and information, in particular for our Hispanic/Latinx community that we have a trusted relationship with through our Family Support programs. Our intention met our desired outcome and we received the following feedback from a participant about their experience and observations at one of the clinics.

“I just wanted to take a moment to express some positive feedback. The other day I got my Pfizer COVID booster shot. I wasn’t even planning on getting it but I saw the sign on my home and figured I’d ask if you were doing walk-ins for the newly authorized booster shot. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. I appreciated how diverse the staff were so that people who might be vaccine hesitant could have their questions addressed by someone who looks like them. Rather than judgment or condemnation for people who haven’t gotten COVID shots yet, I saw empathy. While I was in the observation room after getting my shot we all had a really good and respectful conversation about the pandemic and different reasons people may be vaccine hesitant. In an era marked by partisanship it felt really good to connect and listen to community members. Keep up the good work!”  – participant of clinic 9/25

It’s not too late to consider getting vaccinated. To find a vaccine near you here are some vaccine locator online tools:

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