>This month over 56 people gave input to our staff on what they think about Center for Human Services. These people included youth and adults who attend activities at our family centers and volunteers who help make these activities possible. We also heard from some of our partner organizations.

Some of the things you think we are doing well include:

Connection to community
“CHS has a pulse on the community.”
“Programming is close to our homes”
“Building relationships with families”

Strength-based approach
“CHS programs are a place where you are able to give back – we have been/are tutored at HWF and now we can give back and tutor younger students”
“Ability of the organization to practice family support principles in their day to day work”

Culturally sensitive, competent
“You have people who speak different languages so you can help everyone understand”
“Preparing them to go to college [speaking of pre-school age child], maintain relationships with children who speak their same language, and to practice their mother tongue”

Welcoming environment
“Space is comfortable and feels like home, it is a safe, drug free environment where we can be ourselves with staff who feel like family”

“Have a great commitment to caring for individuals”
“Always prepared and professional”
“I find the people who work in Family Support to be caring, energetic, thoughtful and intelligent.”

Some things you thought we could improve on included:

Making sure people know about us
“Don’t hear about CHS as much as other social service providers”
“Name is confusing”
“Play and learn is not overly advertised in the local area”
“Make sure every citizen in the community knows about CHS and what CHS offers. This will bolster community support.”
“I am constantly amazed at how many local residents have not heard of you.”

Staffing/volunteer levels
“At times it appears staff are stretched a bit too far – when new dollars come available it would be wise to enhance current staffing prior to any new expansion”
“Get more help for each program, I mean more people to help for each program”

“More community involvement in the form of guests and teachers”
“Maybe have more speakers come in for the moms (i.e. child behaviors, dentistry)”

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback. We will be using this information to create the CHS Strategic Plan for 2010-2013.