In order to celebrate all the hard work and play that went into the last quarter and the 08-09 school year, we held a potluck party for all our wonderful participants at the Shoreline Family Support Center!

On a bright sunny day in June we gathered in the back playground area to share food, try new dishes, and decorate a mural. Everyone from 2 years old on up added some creativity and color the blank white wall, decorating the words “We are Family, Familia.”

The finished mural looks beautiful!

In addition to working on the mural, some students from Tuesday/Thursday Afterschool Adventures performed the “Hoedown Throwdown,” a fun hiphop line dance in the new Hannah Montana movie.

Posters highlighting our programs were hung on the windows, and kids in the afterschool program were eager to find themselves in the photos.

After an hour and a half in the hot sun surrounded by concrete, we were all pretty hot so we decided to get out the hose! Lots of kids had fun dancing in the cool water.

Thanks to everyone for a great spring quarter, and a wonderful school year!