Brooke Janmohamed is a family support specialist with the Shoreline Family Support Center’s Healthy Start program. Healthy Start is a collaborative program between the Center for Human Services, Friends of Youth, RAYS, YES, and Northshore Youth and Family Services. Healthy Start provides homevisits to parents 22 years old and younger parenting their first child. As a homevisitor, Brooke provides parenting and child developement information and community resources. Brooke also supports the parents on setting goals for themselves whether around education, employment, housing, parenting etc.

Last fall, the Healthy Start program conducted Parent Satisfaction Surveys to obtain feedback from the participants regarding their expereince in the program. Here are some of the comments Brooke specifically received from her participants.

  • Healthy Start has made me a lot more confident; I feel like I have a “girlfriend” there any time; Brooke is wonderful!
  • Brooke helps me feel more confident that I am doing the right things in raising my daughter; she reminds me that even the best parents are confronted with obstacles and it doesn’t make you a bad parent if you need to ask for help.
  • Brooke has helped our family with diapers, parenting skills and especially helping me as a mother with understanding my child; I am so glad I got started in this program.
  • I think that everyone is doing a good job just by being available and letting the families know that it is okay to ask for help; whenever I have a question, even if Brooke hasn’t been able to provide assistance herself, she has always had a number I could call for someone who could.
  • Brooke has done everything that we needed and more! She has become not only a helpful person but has become a family friend to us as well; my daughter loves seeing Brooke; give her a raise!!
  • Everything has been great; I love this program; it has really helped me so greatly and I am very thankful for Brooke’s services.

We are so proud of Brooke and the work she does. We are lucky to have such a committed, fun and reliable team member. Congratulations Brooke on a job well done! The family support team and your participants are lucky to have you in our lives!