>Each year our department gives awards to Family Support staff to celebrate their unique qualities and skills. The awards are medals made out of paper plates, and decorated to reflect the characteristics of each employee we are celebrating. On June 14, 2010, we celebrated the third annual FAMMY awards during our quarterly staff retreat.

And the winners are…

Rachel Clark – Boom!
Jamil Akram – Transformer
Morgan Moore – Indicator Integrator
Brooke Janmohamed – Dream Catcher
Karina Woodruff – Community Connector
Zabiullah Kakar – Baby Whisperer

Silvia Calvillo – Maestra of Many
Peter McCuskey – Sports Authority
Velia Lara – Crazy Career
Rand Goldman – Surprise!
Jennifer Gaudinier – Courage
Guita Baldwin – A Little of Everything
Teresa Cacho – Growing Up

Paola Noel – Volunteer Networking
Jane Shumway – Fountain of Knowledge
Maira Shafiei – Task Master
Analilia Garcia – Lider en Promover su Idioma
Habiba Shah – Loving Leadership
Amina Salah – Giving Voice
Cori Hagen – Ring Master

Jane Hinton – Visionary Leader
Tamara Piwen – Pilot
Tanya Schaeffer – Self Awareness
Rachel Borella – Building a Culture of Appreciation
Vani Limaye – Systems Thinker