>Summer Explorers finished up our second session in the middle of Seattle’s record heat wave. Luckily we came up with lots of fun ways to stay cool! We traveled to Hamlin Park to hang out under the shady trees and tie-dye our shirts, explore the trails, and have a water fight.

On Wednesday, July 29th, the infamous 100 degree day, we walked to the CHS building to watch movies in the air conditioning, and eat popsicles. Everyone enjoyed a break from the heat.

For our Thursday fieldtrip we explored the Central Library downtown. Some highlights were the red hallway on level 4, the lime green elevators, the fun art work everywhere (including the strange faces in the escalator), and the view from level 10. A scavenger hunt helped kids discover that a robot “Automatic Machine Handling” checks in all the books on the first floor, and the library is only 4 years old.

After our tour of the library we went to the Seattle Center to eat lunch and play in the fountain. We had a perfect sunny day for playing in the water — everyone had a great time getting wet, tossing bandanas in the air, people watching, and eating cotton candy.

Our great week ended on a slightly sad note, as we said good-bye to some favorite campers who are headed on to other summer adventures before rejoining us in the fall.

We’ve had a great summer so far, and we’re looking forward to our final session. For our last two weeks we’ll be exploring new languages and countries, including Mexico, Eritrea, Pakistan, and Korea. Feel free to stop by and visit as we learn some Spanish, try to eat with chopsticks, and test out new foods!