>Summer Explorers 2010 got off to a great start last week, and we are proud to announce the addition of 3 excellent Teaching Interns to our team. Our “Classroom Time” has been expanded to 2 hours every Tuesday & Thursday morning, and our Teaching Interns lead their classes through a variety of fun and engaging academic enrichment activities that keep our students learning through the summer months.

Margy Newton & Talya Bartlett, students of Western Washington University, are team-teaching the 2nd-4th grade classroom. Last week Ms. Margy and Ms. Talya taught their class how to choose a book at the appropriate reading level, how to build characters for a story, and led them through a discussion about respect.

At the head of our 5th-8th grade classroom is Devin Engledew, a recent graduate of the Seattle University Masters in Teaching program. Mr. E, as he is known to the kids, started off the summer with lots of fun activities related to reading, writing, and critical thinking. His class also discussed what it means to show each other respect, and prepared for our Thursday fieldtrip to the Experience Music Project.

Our first fieldtrip of the summer just happened to be on a 92 degree day. As we boarded the bus, we were all happy to be headed to an air conditioned building. We enjoyed the exhibits, and the Sci/Fi Museum was a particular favorite. We weren’t allowed to use flash, so unfortunately you can’t see the happy faces of our Explorers standing right next to the original R2D2!

The “Sound Lab” was a popular location for our students, who spent over an hour trying out various instruments, playing with sound equipment, and jamming together.

We got back to the Vineyard a little early, and kept cool in the heat the old fashioned way – with some popsicles and a hose.

Everyone went home on Thursday tired and happy, and looking forward to continuing our adventures in the coming weeks.