>We had a busy final week of Summer Explorers 2009! It was the second week of our “Languages & Culture” session. On Tuesday we studied Eritrea, learned a little Tigrinya, and tasted injera. The kids had fun putting a personal touch on paper plate drums, and after learning how to play the game mancala there was some friendly competition to see who could win the most games. Thank you to Ballinger Family Center for sharing their great ideas!

Wednesday we had a special guest join us to help us learn about Korea – Jiyoung Bae, a former childcare employee who is in the process of moving to New York. We’re very sorry to lose Jiyoung as a staff member, but we were lucky she wanted to join in the Summer Explorers fun for a day before she left! Jiyoung brought tons of great activities with her. We learned the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” in Korean, played a true/false Korean game called “XO,” learned how to bow for formal occasions, competed in a chopstick race, made Korean masks, and tasted “kimbobs.”

On Thursday, August 13th we celebrated our last day of Summer Explorers 2009 by heading to Matthews Beach for a day of playground fun, swimming, and ice cream cake. Before we left for our fieldtrip, we said congratulations to all our great campers for joining us on our summer camp adventures.

We also gave a big THANK YOU to our wonderful team of counselors. We couldn’t have done it without their energy and enthusiasm for working with kids!