Our Play & Learn facilitators have been getting creative with the sensory table!

Flowers made of plastic and fabric, pots, potting soil and small shovels make for a fun gardening experience. These kids are learning about colors, small motor control with the shovels, and getting a variety of sensory experiences through all the different materials on the table.

Another fun sensory idea is a spring pool, filled with smooth rocks, water, plastic insects and plant leaves. Kids get to feel the difference between wet and dry rocks, make hills & caves for the insects to hide in, and explore different plant materials.

A great way for kids to learn some essential kindergarten skills is to put basic materials in the sensory table. Suddenly old objects become new and fun…these strips of construction paper are an interesting cutting challenge when a few pairs of scissors are added. For little hands that are learning to use scissors, cutting through a large piece of paper might be overwhelming. A small strip, however, becomes two pieces with just one snip – success!

Other fun sensory table ideas:

-real flowers to smell and touch, petals, flower cuttings
-bubble wrap, some paint or water color, small amount of water
-styrofoam or packing peanuts
-water, corks with small hooks, paper clips bent into a hook
-fabric scraps
-water, water toys, and a little soap
-sand and sand toys

There are a million possibilities! Sensory tables are a great way to highlight different materials and give kids a chance to work together and learn about something in a new way. Have fun!