The Partners in Prevention Program, or PIP, is a county-wide substance abuse innovative prevention practice that aims to increase protective factors against substance abuse for youth and address risk factors that they may face. In addition, PIP will help youth gain skills, support and opportunities that will empower them to take a pro-active stance against substance abuse with their peers and community members.

The Partners in Prevention Coordinator meets with the youth groups and brainstorms what the issues and needs are in the community. Each youth team is eligible for a mini-grant of approximately $300-$500. The mini grants are to be used to create prevention projects based on the action plans formed when meeting with the PIP coordinator. The projects may occur in either a school setting or within the community.

To receive the mini-grant, each team must complete an application and provide a team action plan to the PIP Coordinator. The PIP Coordinator, the team advisor, and the team members work together to ensure the success of the project. Primary funding for the PIP Program comes from King County Mental Health Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services (MHCADS).