Our Substance Abuse Department is dedicated to providing holistic treatment services for individuals who are harmfully involved with alcohol and/or other drugs. The substance abuse department’s mission is to reduce/eliminate substance abuse from the lives of our participants and their families. To fulfill this mission we offer prevention, intervention, and treatment services for youth and adults.

Certified by Washington State, the Substance Abuse Department provides all services using evidence-based and innovative practices, many of which are nationally recognized.

CARF accredited Assessment & Referral, Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Court programs.


Provided in collaboration with local middle and high school students. Our prevention programs use evidence-based practices in school-based settings to educate, raise awareness, and reduce student risk for alcohol, tobacco and other substance use and abuse.


Provided in collaboration with local middle and high school students, intervention services are individualized and provided in a school setting.

Intervention Specialists work closely with treatment providers and schools to increase awareness, reduce use, improve academic and social success, and provide education, referral, and support to students and their families.

Examples of Intervention Groups include Affected Others, Recovery, and ATOD awareness.


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug education (ATOD)
Basic education for youth and their parents/guardians in the Northshore school district. This class does not meet requirements for court mandated education.

Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS)*
Conducted once a month for clients requiring alcohol, tobacco and other drug education. This class is state recognized and meets requirements for court mandated education. Facilitated by a CDP on a designated Saturday from 9am- 6pm.

*Pre-payment and registration is required. Call 206-362-7282 for more details and to register.


Our certified staff utilize the nationally recognized, evidence-based assessment tool, Global Assessment of Individual Needs (GAIN), with both youth and adults.

Our evaluations meet the requirements for court-mandated DUI/DWI assessments.


Treatment is available for adults, youth, co-occurring individuals, high risk youth, and young adult populations.

CHS offers Outpatient (OP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Abuse level treatments. Placement into treatment programs is based on nationally recognized American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria. Treatment programs consist of groups, individual sessions, family sessions, family groups, and case management.

Specialized treatment offerings:
Drug Court | Co-Occurring | High-risk Youth | Young Adults


Wraparound is a proven, effective approach to developing and coordinating care plans that build on the strengths of the child, youth, and family. It is a process, not a service or program. Referrals are made through King County Wraparound Program Specialist.


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