>Spring Quarter has gotten off to a busy start in Afterschool Adventures at the Shoreline Family Support Center!

In March we held a Leadership Meeting with our afterschool kids in 2nd grade through 7th grade, and they worked together to come up with a list of new supplies to order.

We gave them a list with prices of board games, and a list with prices of outdoor equipment for the playground, based on ideas they had generated during class. Then they got into small groups and had to prioritize their favorite items in order to spend no more than $150.

Using monopoly money to help visualize their $150 budget, each group came up with their own list, and then shared one or two items with the large group. Everyone got a chance to share their opinions and argue for their choices. In the end we came up with a great list of new games & toys for the playground, which included:

-1 soccer ball
-2 basketballs
-2 long jump ropes
-Spongebob edition Operation game
-the Game of Life
-1 football
and more…

It was great to see the kids working together, discussing what was best for the afterschool program, and learning how to budget. Even better was the first day of spring quarter, when members of the Leadership Meeting walked into class and got to show their friends the brand new games that they themselves had chosen.

Another recent adventure in afterschool has been a very special guest…. Cleo the Rat! Cleo is a very friendly, clean, and gentle pet rat who loves kids, and occassionally she takes time out of her busy schedule to visit Afterschool Adventures.

Cleo loves to sit on shoulders, meet new people, and eat treats. She helps teach kids about caring for animals, how to hold a small pet gently, and all about how rats live.

Some kids like to hold Cleo, some like to pet her, and everyone enjoys watching her interact with other people, climb on shoulders, and find her way through mazes designed by the students. Thanks Cleo, we hope to see you again soon!