>A few weeks ago the Northshore Family Center was contacted by Dorene Minton from Northshore Baptist Church regarding an in-kind donation of gently used clothes.
In the past the Northshore Family Center held an ongoing clothing exchange for families, but unfortunately when we relocated to our new location, we weren’t able to host that program due to our limited space. When we heard from Dorene, we got very excited about it. This was going to be so welcomed by our community, especially due to the economic crisis that most families are facing at this moment.

The day arrived; we were all excitedly waiting, and when Dorene came in, oh… she brought many (many) bags with baby and children’s clothes and shoes. We were wondering how we were going to fit all those bags in our little home, but that surely wasn’t going to be an issue since we had many families anxiously waiting for this clothing.

Right after the Play & Learn group, participants started to look into the bags which were very organized by Dorene and friends. These Northshore Baptist volunteers did a tremendous job sorting the clothes by sizes and gender; that really made it easy for everyone to find the items they needed.

So many choices! Where to start?

Wow, Magdaluna sure looks nice with her new dress shoes. Good choice, girl!

Here we see Alenick trying on his new cowboy boots. He did not want to take them off; can’t blame him, he looked very nice in them!

It really is a great feeling to see kids having fun, playing “dress up” and pretending to be shopping. You know you are doing a good job when you see people happy, and Northshore Baptist Church did a great job.

This family did not only think of themselves; they asked if they could take clothes for a friend who is a single mom of a newborn and is unemployed. This is one of the ways our participants support one another and their communities.

Everyone enjoyed searching for the right size for their children.

Thank you, Northshore Baptist Church, for your incredible donation.
The Northshore Family Center and our community greatly appreciate it!