One of our roles as Family Support professionals is to advocate with families for services and systems that are fair, responsive, and accountable. We work to mobilize formal and informal resources to support family development. We invite you to join us in our efforts to make sure that activities like Play & Learn, Healthy Start, afterschool programs and English classes are available for children, youth and adults in our neighborhoods.

What can you do?

1) Be an advocate. Call or email your city of Shoreline, Bothell and Kenmore council members and thank them for funding CHS Family Centers. Contact City of Woodinville council members and ask them to fund CHS Family Centers. Contact your King County council members and ask them to preserve funding for human services.
2) Donate your time. Volunteers are essential to the work that we do. In the last year 886 people gave 8,108 hours of service to the CHS Family Support centers. You can join them by contacting our volunteer coordinators, Jamil (jakram@chs-nw.org for the Shoreline area) or Paola (pnoel@chs-nw.org for the Northshore area).
3) Donate money. You can donate here. If you want your donation to go directly to one of our family centers, please specify this when filling out the donation form.

CHS Staff attend Mobilizing to Meet Our Community Needs event on June 18th