>At the Shoreline Family Support Center, on Saturday May 22nd, a crew of University of Washington School of Dentistry students and their professor showed up with toothbrushes and floss in hand to conduct free dental screenings and optional flouride treatments for children 6 months – 12 years old.

The students carefully inspected their mouths, flashlight and all!
Some children had their teeth painted! A tiny paintbrush giving them a flouride treatment to protect their pearly whites.

Everyone got a lesson in proper teeth brushing technique. Whether by watching a dental student demonstrate on a set of large fake teeth….

…or observing brushing their own teeth in front of a mirror.

And who can forget the importantance of flossing. A dinosaur puppet’s chomping teeth were the perfect way to practice.

We want to thank the Husky Smiles program for sharing with us the importance of oral health care. The Shoreline Family Support Center is proud to collaborate with the University of Washington’s School Dentistry to provide this program and in turn support the education of these future dentists.

A total of 32 children left the Shoreline Family Support Center that day with shiny pearly white smiles!!