>Did you know that the number of children, families, and individuals in Washington State going to bed with an empty stomach has increased by 24 percent? Unfortunately this is a reality that many people are struggling with every day, as families in our community choose between paying rent and buying groceries.

Even as families lose jobs and housing, there are so many ways to help bring food to their tables. The Northshore and Shoreline Family Centers want to help ensure that families in our community are able to meet their basic needs. Through our partnership with Hopelink’s Emergency Feeding Program, we are able to provide emergency food bags to families in immediate need of food. The bags contain non-perishable items and are meant to provide a family with enough food for about two days, until they receive a paycheck or are able to connect with their local food bank. Families also receive referrals to agencies like Hopelink and Within Reach that provide ongoing food assistance.

This service is available not just to families participating in our programs, but is meant to serve anyone in the community. Contact the family centers directly for more information:
425-205-2004 (Northshore Family Center)
206-631-8825 (Shoreline Family Support Center)

Since August 2009, over 150 individuals in 30 families have accessed Northshore Family Center’s Emergency Feeding Program. We are glad to be able to support our community in this time of economic difficulty.

It is funding from United Way of King County that makes Northshore Family Center’s emergency feeding program possible. To find out how you can make a difference and help fight hunger in our community, please visit the United Way of King County’s blog at http://2010hungeractionday.blogspot.com/ Learn about “Hunger Action Week” and how you can get involved!

Your help can make a difference in someone’s life!