Join us as we celebrate our very first Center for Human Services’ Pride Day…

As part of this new tradition, each department at CHS was challenged to compete against each other -in a very fun, healthy way, of course!

The department that showed the best CHS spirit will win a “pizza or doughnut party”.

We, at Family Support, got our thinking caps on and started coming up with fun, crazy, interesting and exciting ideas to show our BLUE love for CHS.

A piñata from the ADMIN Department


At the Shoreline Family Support Center

Yummy blue treats.


We’ve always known there are many talented people in our centers, and today is proof of it, poems, songs, and a new ode were written by some of our Family Support Staff:


Oh, CHS your grand halls echo far

With tales of your greatness

Heard from Shoreline to Qatar

We see it in your logo

That people circle grand:

Where one and all can come

And proudly they may stand

For freedom, yes for freedom

And a dose of justice, too,

For youth and family services

For the logo -white and blue

And when I look around

And see that Northshore’s doin’ stella-

I know that I can thank

A certain mom-to-be: Borella!

It always seems to buzz

With busyness at Shoreline

But without Tanya’s leadership

We’d weep and wail and whine

But how do these two managers

Work hard and still stay sane?

Only by the grace of God

-And their supervisor: Jane!-

This does but scratch the surface

Of CHS it’s true

For if I were to tell of

All the things we see and do-

Why we’d be here till midnight

So I think this is my cue

To end the ode and give my praise

To its employees – YOU!




We will be sharing more pictures soon, until then…