>Fall brings many changes to the Family Support department at the Center for Human Services. A few of these changes include:

1. Starting in mid-September, the programs offered at Ballinger Homes will be managed as part of the Shoreline Family Support Center (SFSC). We will continue to offer a Play and Learn group, Ballinger Action Teens, Homework Factory, 1:1 Tutoring, Camp Ballinger, adult ELL classes and a community garden on-site at Ballinger Homes. Program staff will work out of offices at the SFSC, and will spend programming hours on-site at Ballinger Homes. We will also continue to support collaborative programming efforts with our partners at Ballinger Homes. Tanya Schaeffer, the SFSC Program Manager will be overseeing activities at both the SFSC and Ballinger Homes sites.

2. Tamara Piwen is moving from her role as Ballinger Program Manager to the role of Child Care Program Manager within the Family Support department. Tamara has worked at Ballinger Homes since 2004 and will continue to be connected to the community in her new role.

3. The Northshore Family Center is starting a new collaboration with the Northshore School District Readiness to Learn program. Our Family Support Specialist will be working with Natural Leaders at four schools in the district. The goal of this program is to empower parent leaders to develop programs and activities that support student success in school and life and parent engagement in the schools.

4. The Shoreline School District is collaborating with the Shoreline Family Support Center to pilot an afterschool program that focuses on developing native language literacy for students who speak Spanish as the primary language in their home. Our staff will be collaborating with district staff and parents to provide this opportunity at Parkwood and Briarcrest Elementary Schools.

5. Afterschool Adventures is continuing this year at the SFSC two days a week, and moving to two days a week off-site at the Vineyard Community Church in Shoreline. This partnership will allow us to serve additional students in this thriving afterschool program.