>This past Friday in Play & Learn at the Shoreline Family Support Center, 5-year-old Christian explored a variety of materials and used his creativity and imagination to create a masterpiece. Christian made a boat. At the completion of his project, a staff member sat down with Christian and simply asked him: “Can you tell me about what you made?”

This is the story of Christian’s boat.

Christian proceeded to talk about a time that he went on a boat: “I once went on a boat. Fishing with my dad. It was somebody else’s boat.” he said.

The staff member asked him about a particular part of the boat. “What does this part do?”

Then, Christian’s friend Evan came up to us. “How did you make that Christian? I want to make one. That’s cool,” Evan said. The staff member told Evan that he could do exactly what Christian did, use your imagination to create something with the materials in the children’s room.

After Evan admired Christian’s boat. The staff member asked Christian if there was anything else he wanted to tell her about his boat.

“I’m just thinking,” said Christian.

To end an insightful conversation, Christian said, “I’ve never made a boat like this before. I’m going to give it to my daddy.”

Christian’s daddy is one lucky guy to get a handmade creation from his son. Christian is one lucky guy that he can go to a place like the Shoreline Family Support Center where he can learn, explore, create and play.

Evan (on the left) and the creator, Christian (on the right) pose with the magnificient creation!