Have you ever heard of Eagle Scouts?

The Eagle Scout Project, actually called Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project, is an opportunity for a Scout of the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) to demonstrate leadership of others while performing a project that will benefit his community.
The Scout goes through an Eagle Scout Leadership training, which demands a tremendous effort on his part. He must choose an organization other than BSA to benefit from his project, and it must not be performed to benefit an individual or a business, or just a fundraising project.

Well, we are proud to say that one of our participants chose the Northshore Family Center to carry out hie Eagle Scout Project. His name is Collin Duffy, and he belongs to Troop 573.
Collin was an active participant at the Northshore Family Center Youth Council, and as he talked about his project with the Youth Council facilitator, the conversations started then about project possibilities.

The Northshore Family Center relocated in March 2008 from its old location, and our new “home” did not have a front fence; therefore, Collin decided that he would build a picket fence around the front of the family center, freshen up some of the landscaping, and install a basketball hoop for the Afterschool Program.

We are very glad to have had Collin attending our Youth Council Program; he is only 16 years old but the outcome of his project made such an impact in our center by giving it a whole different look – it just looks so beautiful.

We decided to interview Collin to get a better picture of his project and to give him the opportunity to explain the why’s and how’s.

NFC: When did you start organizing the project?
Collin: March, 2008.

NFC: How long did it take you to finalize the plan?
Collin: About one year.

NFC: What challenges did you encounter while putting the project together?
Collin: Planning all the details in the project write-up was a challenge.
On the morning of the first work day, the business we were purchasing materials from
did not have them ready for pick up, so it delayed the project for an hour. Removing old
concrete from a post hole was difficult.

NFC: How many volunteers were involved?
Collin: 33

NFC: How did you recruit all the volunteers?
Collin: My volunteers were from my Boy Scout troop and friends. I made announcements at
Troop meetings, had sign-up sheets and made phone calls. I asked my friends in person.

NFC: Planning and executing a project like this must have been very stressful. Who would you
say were your main supporters?
Collin: Bill & Nancy McKinley and my parents, Tim & Jackie Duffy.

NFC: Who provided the materials for the project?
Collin: My project was estimated to cost $2,000.00, so I had two car washes in March and April
to raise the money.

NFC: How long did it take you to complete the project?
Collin: Researching the project and writing the project proposal took 39 hours.
To complete the project car wash fundraiser and the two project work days I spent 43.5
hours. My volunteers spent a total of 310 hours!

NFC: Wow! You invested such a long time in this project; it is so impressive to know how much
dedication and effort you put into making this happen.
How much time did you actually spend on this?
Collin: 81.1 hours

NFC: At the end, how much was the total cost of your Eagle Scout Project?
Collin: $1,812.85

The Northshore Family Center staff and participants are very grateful to Collin Duffy for his hard work.
The white fence made such a huge difference, and we have received so many compliments because of Collin’s project. The basketball hoop looks great and was a great addition to the Afterschool Connections group. (The Afterschool Connections participants appreciate the basketball hoop SO much! They love it!) Collin changed the image of our center, and we can’t say thank you enough!

Thank you Collin!

All pictures were provided by Collin Duffy.