This spring in Afterschool Adventures we started a new project: Interviews!

Each student signed up for a day and time to be interviewed for their choice of jobs. When the big moment arrived, they left early to get ready and make sure they arrived looking professional.

We had several different briefcases, bags, shoes, dresses, scarves and hats to choose from to help the kids make a great first impression.

When they were all set, they were led to their scheduled interview. Several generous CHS staff members volunteered their time to help make this both a serious and fun experience for the kids. They were interviewed in different offices to make it very “official”.

Tanya Schaeffer, Shoreline Family Center Manager, interviewed Abeba to be a Clothing Designer. Abeba wants to be a Clothing Designer because she is good at putting outfits together and likes clothes. She and many other students answered questions about why they would be good at their chosen professions, what parts would be the most fun and what would be hard, and what training they might still need in order to improve their skills.

Asmeret met with Tracy Little, our Finance Director, to determine what she could bring to the role of Rock Star/Song Writer. She said that Hannah Montana is her inspiration, but confessed that learning and memorizing all the songs might not be as much fun as performing them and wearing fun clothes.

Each student was given the full attention of professionals on our staff while they took time to think about what kind of career they would like to have, what skills and training they will need to get there, and why that career would be rewarding.

Tanya, Tracy, Vicki, Brooke, and Elsi interviewed future wrestlers, rock stars, lawyers, pediatricians, heart surgeons, dentists, singers, models, teachers, wrestlers, basketball players, video game programmers, writers, and clothing designers. Both the interviewers and the interviewees had a great time!