>Afterschool Adventures has started an exciting new collaboration this year with the Vineyard Community Church, a local faith community that has generously opened their doors to share their new facility with us. For the last few years, Afterschool Adventures has taken place at the Shoreline Family Support Center all 4 days of the week, but each year the community need for free afterschool programs has grown and the space at our family center has not been able to expand along with these needs.

In September of this year the Vineyard moved to a new location – a much larger building with plenty of room to accomodate active kids. They offered to let the Shoreline Family Support Center locate our afterschool program at their site for two days a week, and it has turned out to be a great partnership.

Monday & Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 – 5:30pm the sounds of kids working, playing, and laughing can be heard throughout the building. The large fellowship hall transitions easily from a homework room in the first part of class to an art room and even a paper airplane air field, while a nearby classroom stores our art supplies, board games and lots of great books to read.

The kids’ favorite part of our new space, of course, is the playground with a large field attached. Soccer games and Capture the Flag have become weekly requests and its wonderful to watch the kids having so much fun while excercising – running and laughing as they fly across that wide open space.

Last school year, 2008-2009, we had to cap Afterschool Adventures at 45 students, and it was always difficult to turn families away. This year we currently have 60 students registered, and we will be able to continue to offer a quality afterschool program to families in our community, thanks to the generous support of the Vineyard Community Church.