>Many exciting adventures have been happening at Northshore’s Summer Camp.

Jennifer Gaudinier, our Family Support Specialist who facilitates this program, made sure that everyone had a great time – everyone: not just participants, but our interns as well as our volunteers… many hours of planning, making phone calls, running from one place to another, it all came together in this unforgettable Camp Adventure.

The first session’s theme was “Animal Kingdom”. All the kids had the opportunity to choose an animal and learn about it; raccoons, mice, cheetahs, bears and many more members of the animal kingdom were part of these fun three weeks. The children created animals out of clay and built habitats for them.

Oh… the field trips… So many different places {The Seattle International Fountain, the Seattle Public Library, Pacific Science Center, just to name a few} and of course you can guess where they went to end the first session: Woodland Park Zoo, of course!

Although we had many hands-on activities, academics were also part of our curriculum, and yes, the kids did like it; they did not even notice they were learning because of all the fun they were having. Something that I have learned while working here at the Northshore Family Center is that when kids are given choices, they enjoy themselves more. However, these kids did have a difficult time deciding what to play when we gave them the opportunity to choose between:

  • Pictionary,
  • Math War, and
  • Math around the world

By popular demand, Pictionary it was for the older kids, and so while they were playing that, the younger ones were practicing math… {if you haven’t played “Math around the world” yet; friend, let me tell you: You are missing a great opportunity to get your child to work on math, practice patience, and be respectful as for this game everyone has wait until it is their turn}.

Second session’s theme: All About Water

Experiments, bubbles, sprinkles, beach, everything that you could possibly imagine. The kids learned many things about water….

Wow! How much can you do with water!

Our Summer Camp Adventure was fun, safe, and such a healthy environment, and we couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t because of all the help we received from:

Eastside Foursquare Church for letting us use their space for the camp

Bothell United Methodist Church for providing lunch (once again) for our hungry kids and

Northshore Baptist Church for letting us use their space to do our water adventures

Woodland Park Zoo for providing the zoo tickets

All the volunteers who donated their time and care for our children

Both of our interns for being so dedicated, responsible, an amazing

Jennifer Gaudinier for leading such a fantastic Adventure

And many more who made this Summer Camp possible!

Thank you!