CHS may serve as an internship site for various disciplines.

Internship Opportunities

Chemical dependency*

*A student is allowed to serve as a CDP trainee (CDPT) if the student meets the requirements of a CDP trainee and has the required documentation from the appropriate certifying/licensing entity. These are paid positions. Please see the employment opportunities page for more information.

Non-profit management

Social Services

Mental Health

Please call our main office for more details about internship opportunities (206) 362-7282

Overview of  Mental Health Internships at CHS

Internship: CHS is proud to be an internship site for the field experience required as part of WA state Counseling educational degree plan. We provide graduate students opportunities to utilize their knowledge and coursework through engaging and assuming responsibility of select tasks for the promotion of learning, knowledge application and practice while under the supervision of an experienced and appropriately credentialed professional. The Internship Program introduces students to the important role plays in ensuring a productive life in the community for everyone. Interns gain practical experience through projects, special assignments, or research that support federal, state, and community-based programs, policies, and best practices in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse and mental illness.

Our interns are expected to adhere to our mission and values.


To qualify for an internship:

  • CHS and the applicant’s school must have a signed learning agreement completed by the start of their internship start date.
  • Interns are expected to complete a minimum of 700 hours (approximately 20 hours per week) or the minimum hours required by their school’s programs.
  • Currently, CHS internships require the applicant to be enrolled in an approved CACREP and COAMFTE  Master’s or Doctorate program.
  • Students studying for their MACP, MFT, MSW are all eligible to apply. If your degree program differs from those listed, please inquire about your eligibility. Also inquire about the unique requirements of MFT and MSW degrees.

Internship Application Process

  • CHS Internships begin in the fall of each year. The application process begins in March with applications due and on-site interviews. Interns must be available to begin the first week of September. Tuesday availability is required for weekly staff meetings and onsite training.
  • In addition to the application, found at the link on this page, CHS also asks that you attach an updated resume, taking care to incorporate any relevant training or experience. We also ask that your application be submitted with a Cover Letter.
  • Once CHS staff and supervisors are able to review your application, you may be invited to join other applicants for a group or individual interview.
  • For more information on the selection process, please email our Mental Health Intern Coordinator at

Fall 2019 Internship Deadlines:

  • Internship period commitment: First week of September 2019 until last week of June 2020.
  • First round of applications are due on March 5, 2019. A completed application packet must be sent to by this date to be considered for an interview. The interview for this round of applications is March 21,2019 from 09 am-11 am. The majority of our mental health interns will be selected after these interviews.
  • Second round of applications are due on April 9, 2019. A completed application packet must be sent to by this date to be considered for an interview. The interview for this round will take place on April 25, 2019 from 09 am-11 am.


Expectations of Interns

CHS strives to maintain a pleasant, efficient, and professional work environment that fosters cooperation and understanding. workplace policies are designed to create an environment where all staff, including interns and members of the public, are treated respectfully and with consideration. All staff, including interns, fulfill their assigned tasks, present a professional appearance at all times, and behave in a manner that will not discredit the agency. Interns may be dismissed from the program because of security reasons or misconduct.

Internship snapshot:

  • A “typical” 20-hour-a-week intern will got through an evolution in their time at CHS. The first month of internship is focused on providing training and structure to help you begin your journey as a clinician. Caseloads will vary between 5 and 10 clients in the first several months. As your time at CHS progresses, you will spend approximately 60% in direct service, 20% in indirect service delivery–documentation/client files and 20% in training and supervision. A typical internship case-load will consist of 12-15 clients.
  • We recognize our interns are not considered primary therapists, they carry a limited caseload of clients and are supervised by experienced and trained clinicians. The limited caseload provides necessary time for training, supervision, case management including but not limited to treatment planning, documentation and maintenance of assigned client files.

CHS Internship Opportunities:

CHS accepts approximately 6-8 interns each year. Interns typically complete their placement with one treatment program. Below is a list of programs.  Please note that inclusion in this list does not mean that an available placement is guaranteed during application time period.

  • Family Mental Health:  We provide mental health treatment to children, youth, and families who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.  We work with such issues as depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, ADD/ADHD, divorce and separations as well as other family disruptions and transitions.  We use a strengths-based approach and strive to tailor our services to the particular strengths and needs of each of our client. Interns in the Family Mental Health program are located at our 148th.
  • Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health (IEC MH): We provide relationship-focused interventions to parents, foster parents, or other primary caregivers with children ages birth through five years old.  Children and parents often need help recovering from the effects of early trauma, loss, family conflict, addiction, abuse and stress. Sometimes parenting is not what parents expect it to be, or other challenges like depression or anxiety, and sleep or feeding challenges can make caring for a new baby difficult. All of these things can greatly impact the development of the child and the parent-child relationship.  A key goal in our IMH work is a more satisfying relationship between the caregiver and child. The treatment models used at CHS are evidence-based and include Promoting First Relationships and the Child-Parent Psychotherapy model for working with trauma. We believe when parents are nurtured and supported themselves, they are better able to meet the needs of their children. Interns in the IEC program are based at our 148th Office, but spend the majority of their time out of the office, visiting clients in their homes, or “third places”.
  • School-based Mental Health Counseling Support:  In providing mental health treatment to children and youth, Often the easiest place to meet with our clients are at their schools. Based out of Snohomish County, school  based interns will be assigned to various schools in several school districts such as Edmonds, Everett and Mukilteo School Districts. Emphasis of this internship is providing structured, systemic care for clients in the midst of their schools, connecting with families and educators to provide a robust, well-rounded understanding and support system for the child.

Intern Job Description