The mission of Center for Human Services is to strengthen the community through counseling, education and support to children, youth, adults, and families.


Our Core Values

Embrace Diversity: We respect and honor the diversity of our community and are committed to weaving that diversity into our programs, actions, and results.
Provide Accessibility: We provide services that are easy to find, use, and understand.
Champion Collaboration: We foster collaborative relationships that promote creativity, innovation, and teamwork.
Demand Accountability: We assess and coordinate our programs and systems to assure that we meet high standards of service and care.
Personify Integrity: We value the strengths and assets of our clients, community members, and co-workers and are honest, respectful, and ethical in our interactions.
Have Fun: We are passionate about the work we do and use humor to promote a positive work environment.

Cultural Competency

CHS is committed to understanding, respecting, and honoring cultural differences. We bring people together in the community while celebrating everyone as unique individuals. We practice our commitment to cultural competency by:

  • Maintaining an atmosphere of openness and appreciation of cultural differences
  • Continuing to assess our agency’s own culture
  • Promoting the ongoing development of knowledge of various cultures
  • Affirming and strengthening the cultural identities of individuals and families
  • Enhancing our clients’ ability to thrive in a multi-cultural society.