Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

Each year we produce an annual report to keep our supporters updated on our activities. The report includes data about our achievements in the past calendar year with our clients and participants, together with our financial statements from our most recently completed fiscal year.  CHS is committed to providing our community with the utmost quality and integrated services that focus on the diversity of families throughout our communities and the strengths they bring both to their own households and their communities.

Annual Executive Summary

2016 Annual Executive Summary

Each year our Executive Director presents an Executive Summary. The report summarizes the past calendar year. In this summary, we identify and analyze trends and look for opportunities for improvement.

Strategic Plan

2016-2019 Strategic Plan

Through the work of Board Members and staff leadership, together with input from the community, the CHS mission and strategic process were strengthened.   The CHS team is confident this process and an updated strategic plan will carry CHS forward during this challenging economic environment.



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2013-2016 Strategic Plan

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