The Shoreline Family Support Center would like to thank the Lake Forest Park Rotary Club for their support in providing food baskets for 12 families residing at Ballinger Homes, a King County Housing Authority complex, on November 20th.

The Lake Forest Park Rotary provided food baskets full of items from canned and dry goods to fresh produce. The Rotary spent nearly $1700 of their club funds on this project, however, just as they partnered with the center to reach the families, the Rotary partnered with Grocery Outlet of Kenmore and Great Harvest Bread Co. in Lake Forest Park to fill these baskets.

The Grocery Outlet of Kenmore provided the Rotary with a generous discount towards their purchase, as well as supported their effort with monetary donations on behalf of the store and the owners.

Great Harvest Bread Co. donated 30 loaves of their freshly baked bread to be added to the baskets.

We want to thank all the partners involved in this project, and recognize that this is an example of when people collaborate and work together, wonderful things can happen. The Center for Human Services and the Family Support Department is so grateful to be a part of such a generous and caring community.