Please join us in welcoming the newest member of our Play & Learn groups at Northshore and Ballinger Family Centers: Jane Shumway.
Jane Shumway joined the Family Center in May 2009, and when she accepted this position her family couldn’t have been happier since they knew how much Jane enjoys working with children.
Her experience is a great addition to our team; she worked for nine years in a Co-op Preschool where she also taught her own children. She also has fourteen years of experience teaching pre-school aged children with special needs as well as typically developing children.
Jane is very passionate about what she does: “Kids need early learning experiences”, she quotes.
She strongly believes in family support and family involvement, and she knows for a fact that children and parents learn together through play while sharing laughs.
Jane loves the fact that the children can learn comfortably while exploring all the opportunities and choices given to them.
Her favorite part of the program is group time to which she quotes: “I believe kids should be able to participate during group time. Whether it is singing, hand-motions, using a musical instrument or even just listening to the story, it really IS ALL ABOUT THEM”.

Natalia Butenko and son Anton, 27 months, have participated in this group at the Northshore Family Center since January 2009, and this is what she said about the group: “My son and I really enjoy the Play & Learn group. It’s the perfect way to introduce your child to the concept of pre-school -no stress for mom or child. We like the freedom to move around and choose an activity that HE likes during free play time. And circle time is very fun and engaging for little kids. It’s a good place to meet other stay-at-home moms too!” Megan Foss and sons Benjamin and Nathan are active participants and Nathan just loves making crafts, playing with play dough, and listening to the great stories that Jane reads!

Shen, one of our new participants quotes: “This program provides so many tools and materials which help kids learn and play. Also Jane tells stories so vividly. In a word, I like this program!”.
Jane runs Play & Learn groups in two of Center for Human Services’ family centers, Northshore and Ballinger.

Hope you can join us and have fun while learning!