The 2nd Annual Fammy Awards took place amid much applause and appreciation, on June 15th, 2009 at the Family Support All-Staff Retreat. Family Support All-Staff Retreats happen every quarter during the programming break, and they are a great chance for staff from all 3 family centers to get together to celebrate accomplishments, brainstorm ideas, build an ever-stronger team of co-workers, and of course do what we do best … have fun!

The coveted Fammy Awards, heartfelt and creative, were handed out in style, with a slideshow to highlight all the great programs and experiences from the last year.

And the winner is…… Family Support!

Ballinger Family Center

  • Tamara Piwen: It Takes a Village – and a Matriarch to Lead the Village. Tamara has never-ending positive attitude, and establishes a strong center in the whirl of activity and life at Ballinger. In a year of great change, she has met each opportunity and challenge with a “can-do” demeanor.
  • Amy Neiman: Hope for Citizens Award. Amy has provided for our residents at Ballinger not only teaching English Language , but has mentored and assisted her participants in obtaining their citizenship, as well as other direct services.
  • Amina Salah: Peace and Patience Award. Amina, is our Child care provider here at Ballinger. She brings to her work kindness & patience to the children and their families.
  • Morgan Moore: BAT award. Morgan has provided community services, leadership and advocacy opportunities for our Ballinger Action Teens. It is a group of 18 Teens, that meet here at the Ballinger Family Support Center a safe place, where they are able to have their voices heard, lots of good fun and food as well as field trips.
  • Claire Largerwey: Volunteer Jewel Award. Claire our AmerCorps Member this year has done a phenomenal job at providing us with enough volunteers so we able to provide quality services to our children in our out of school programs.

Shoreline Family Support Center

  • Tanya Schaeffer: Rookie Manager of the Year. Tanya brings a strong vision and collaborative style to our community. As a first year Program Manager, she jumped into her new role with enthusiasm, strength, and true committment to the families we serve.
  • Rachel Clark: Blog Buster. For her work on creating and implementing our Family Support Blog
  • Velia Lara: Atelier Award. The word atelier, means work room or artist studio and is a component of the Reggio Emilia Early Education philosophy. Velia received this award because of her creative work as a Play and Learn facilitator, providing inspiration and experiences with a variety of art materials and mediums.
  • Silvia Calvillo: Feelings Finder. For her work as a Play and Learn facilitator, using the Emotion Coaching model, to work with children to identify and express their emotions.
  • Brooke Janmohammed: Diaper Genie. For her dedication to provide diapers to the Healthy Start participants and her work in soliciting donations and support from the community and the Healthy Start Advisory Council to make it possible.

Northshore Family Center

  • Rachel Borella: Laura of the Many Names. A reference to Rachel’s accomplishments implementing learning from Laura van Dernoot Lipsky’s Trauma Stewardship training. Rachel brings a thoughtful and intentional nature to her work leading the Northshore Family Center and supporting her staff.
  • Jane S: Red Flag Identification and Intervention. Jane brings to the Play and Learn team a strong background in early intervention around developmental delays; her knowledge is enabling us to focus on inclusion of children of all abilities in our groups.
  • Paola: Stepping Up. Paola has taken on a variety of tasks and projects this year with enthusiasm; I have appreciated her willingness to learn as she tries new things.
  • Jennifer: Collaboration Queen. In Jennifer’s first year with Northshore Family Center, she has really reached out to the community and other organizations to build strong support for herself and the afterschool program; her efforts have resulted in large-scale projects in the community that otherwise would not have happened.
  • Teresa: Parent/Caregiver Education. Teresa’s greatest strength in facilitating her Play and Learn Groups is her focus on parent and caregiver education; she intentionally builds this into the structure of everything she does, and as a result we know see participants sharing the knowledge they have gained from her with each other.

Childcare Program (At Northshore, Ballinger & Shoreline)

  • Alisha Klaassen: Rising Star. Alisha has risen to the challenge of supporting one of our least visible, but very valuable programs. Her position can be isolating, but Alisha works hard to collaborate with our entire team and the agency.
  • Kaylene West: All-Star Award. Kaylene has gone to great lengths in order to continue her job here in the childcare department while still doing the “mom” thing. She comes from her full-time job, her children’s various and busy schedules of sports and other extra curricular activities and then comes to work at the childcare center, thus making her a true All Star!
  • JiYoung Bae: Growth Award. Jiyoung has blossomed so much in the past year. She did her internship with us in the childcare center and through that has researched and brought new awareness into the childcare room.
  • Habiba Shah: Rookie of the Year Award. Habiba is the newest member to the childcare staff and has taken on challenging responsibilities already. She is eager to work and brings her caring nature to the children.
  • David Williams: The Kool and the Gang Award. David is a team player by far! He is always eager to pick up extra shifts when needed and works well with the other staff to make the center a better environment for children.
  • Doan Tam: The Running With the Bulls Award. Doan is our courageous staff member. She works alongside me on LF date nights where we have up to 50 kids; she just jumps right in without hesitation!
  • Analillia Garcia: Energizer Award. Ana brings a ton of energy to the childcare program. Along with her creativity, she uses her energy to motivate the staff and children to engage in a learning atmosphere!

Family Support Data Entry

  • Vani Limaye: ETO Empress. Vani has had to take on new responsibilities this year and she has done it with a willing nature, infused with the intelligence and attention to detail she always brings to her work.
  • Elsi Vacano: The Many Hats Award. Elsi does a great job of juggling several different roles, including date entry for Family Support, Loving Families, and also volunteering as a tutor for the SFSC afterschool program.

Family Support Leadership

  • Jane Hinton: Most Improved Life-Work Balance. Jane Hinton, our fearless leader and director of the Family Support program, makes a conscious effort to improve her balance of work/life, supporting her staff not only with words but with actions.